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Ladder Repair Needle for Knitwear - Vintage & Plastic Free!

Ladder Repair Needle for Knitwear - Vintage & Plastic Free!

PriceFrom £2,30

This is an essential tool for any mender!


A latch needle is a very clever needle used to repair ladders, snags and pulled threads in knitted fabrics. You can also use it to pull loose thread tails from the front to the back of your work. 


Reducing our impact on the planet is always at the forefront of our minds, which is why we chose to source this range of latch needles from vintage markets. To be honest when is comes to tools secondhand is often better than new anyway and to prove it we've even received feedback from customers saying the 'spring' action on these needles are much better than new ones they've tried! 


And, we've gone one step further by ensuring each latch needle is supplied with minimal, compostable packaging.


Three options are available: 

  • Small/Micro - suitable for any light-weight knit items e.g merino base layer, t-shirt, tights/hoisery, or very fine cashmere.

Dimensions: 71mm (overall length), 1mm (hook size) approx.


  • Medium - suitable for light-medium weight knitwear e.g. up to 2-ply knits.

Dimensions: 72mm (overall length), 2mm (hook size) approx.


  • Large - suitable for medium-weight knitwear e.g. up to 4-ply knits.

Dimensions: 84mm (overall length), 4mm (hook size) approx.


Optional Extra: If you'd like these needles to be sent to you packaged in a beautiful glass tube with authentic cork stopper, simply add a glass test tube to your basket using the drop down menu provided. It is great way to safely store them all together and protect them from getting lost or damaged.



To fix snags, simply insert the needle into the fabric from the inside (wrong side), through to the right side next to the loose thread. Catch the loose thread using the latch hook, close the latch and then gently pull the needle back through to the inside (wrong side). If it's a long thread then you can carefully weave the end through the fabric on the inside. It's like magic!! 


To fix ladders, pass the hook (with the hook open ) through the dropped stitch at the bottom of the ladder, pick up the first 'rung' with the hook part, ensure the latch closes and draw the needle through and pull gently until a new loop forms. Pick up the 2nd 'rung' and repeat the process to the end of the ladder. Secure the final stitch/loop using duplicate stitch.

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