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Washi Tape - 15mm wide

Washi Tape - 15mm wide


This earth-friendly Japanese masking tape can prove v.useful when mending is concerned -  it's a great alternative fabric marker and loose thread tamer!


Simply pull off a length of tape, stick it where you need some sort of straight line and away you go.


You can even use it to hold down pesky loose tails too, that way they don't get tangled around your working thread.


So, for moments when you don't want the faff of having to iron, wash or brush away marks, just reach for some washi tape.


This tape is easy to tear by hand, can be used on any fabric and will peel off without damage, although it works best on smoother fabrics like cotton. 


Plastic-free, biodegradable and reusable - created from plant fibres.


Made by mt Masking Tape (the original creators of the washi tape) in Japan. 


1 x roll - 15mm wide x 7m long

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