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The Shroomie Mending Kit

The Shroomie Mending Kit


The Shroomie 2-in-1 Mending Kit is the ultimate collection, containing everything required to enjoy mending your favourite denim pieces, cotton tees and repairing damage to your gorgeous knits.


Packed inside a Ministry of Mending gift box full of eco zig-zag shred, you’ll find the unique Shroomie 2-in-1 darning tool, a selection of cotton threads & yarns of your choice and our needle set for beginners contained inside a handy storage tube with cork stopper.


The whole box is tied off with a stunning wool selvedge ribbon, ready to gift to that special someone if you so wish. No wrapping required!


The Shroomie is a classic darning mushroom with a TWIST. Simply turn the cap anticlockwise to remove the stem and convert it into a darning disk to tackle those hard-to-reach areas. The option to transform the mushroom into a darning disk makes it perfect for those who love using either tool, or those who have yet to experiment to find their favourite.


Repair holes, tears, threadbare areas and stains up to 8cm/3" wide.

Ergonomic handle for comfort and ease of use.

Flat base for standing storage and hands-free mending.

Grooved cap fitted with a stainless steel coil spring.

Exclusively designed and handmade by us here at MM HQ using FSC-certified solid beech hardwood.


Kit Contents:

1 x Shroomie 2-in-1 Darning Tool (spalted beech)

1 x Needle Set for Beginners (5 x Individual Needles - No.18 Tapestry Needle, No.20 Chenille Needle, 76mm Ballpoint Needle, No. 1/0 Long Fine Darning Needle and No. 2/0 Strong Darning Needle)

1 x Metal Needle Threader

5 x Organic Cotton Threads

1 x Variegated Cotton Thread

5 x Reclaimed Darning Yarns (a mix of cashmere and merino yarns)

1 x Variegated Merino Yarn

1 x Ministry of Mending Gift Box with Wool Selvedge Ribbon


Gift Box size: 24.5cm x 18cm x 6.5cm


Thread & Yarn Options:

Please choose from one of the following:


Jewels Set

Cotton Threads - Daisy, Berry, Pollen, Hunter Green, Navy and Grapevine (Variegated)

Darning Yarns - Hibiscus Tea (Merino), Sticky Toffee Apple (Merino), Bumblebee (Merino), Verdigris (Cashmere), Midnight (Cashmere) and The Rapids (Variegated Merino).


Neutrals Set:

Cotton Threads - Daisy, Silver, Mint, Navy, Black and Deep Dive (Variegated).

Darning Yarns - Marshmallow (Merino), Moonshine (Cashmere), Flint (Merino), Midnight (Cashmere), Jet (Merino) and Atomic (Variegated Merino).

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