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**Pre-Order** The SHROOMIE 2-in-1 Darner (to be sent w/c 30/09)

**Pre-Order** The SHROOMIE 2-in-1 Darner (to be sent w/c 30/09)


Our next batch of Shroomies will be made in our workshop in late September.


If you would like to secure one, then feel free to place a pre-order and as soon as it's ready we'll ship it out to you. Please be aware any additional items added to your order won't be sent in advance, so we would advise you place two separate orders if you require those items earlier than late September. 


A classic darning mushroom with a TWIST!


Simply turn the cap anticlockwise to remove the stem and convert your SHROOMIE into a darning disk to tackle those hard-to-reach areas; think pockets, sleeves, socks, cuffs and narrow trouser legs on skinny jeans & leggings.


The disk is small enough to hold in the palm of your hand and the option to transform your mushroom into two parts makes it way easier to store this 2-in-1 tool in your sewing box.


Exclusively designed and handmade by us here at MM HQ using FSC-certified solid beech hardwood.


Each one has it's own unique character with different grain patterns and is stamped on the base with the MM brandmark.


Repair holes, tears, threadbare areas and stains up to 8cm/3" wide.


Flat base for standing storage and hands-free mending - rest it on the table and give your arms a break whilst you stitch. Not only that, but you get the added bonus of having an extra hand free when you have to deal with pesky loose threads and the like.


Ergonomic handle for comfort and ease of use.


The cap has a nice curved shape on the top and flat smooth base which is particularly useful for darning heels, crotches, armpits, elbows and knees, where the fabric of the garment is shaped.


A metal screw fitting, rather than the wooden thread system used on old style convertible mushrooms, ensures the cap (aka darning disk) can be twisted on or off easily and securely.


And, if you're fed-up of fiddly elastic bands and bobbles to secure your fabric in place, you'll be pleased to know the SHROOMIE comes supplied with one of our beautiful custom-made stainless steel springs which fits perfectly into the groove on the cap. This finishing touch holds fabric securely, it's earth-friendly because they last like forever, plus it looks really damm cool.


Each SHROOMIE has an smooth organic surface, rounded edges and natural unwaxed finish.



Overall Height - 12.5cm/ 5"

Diameter of Cap - 8.7cm/ 3.5"

Diameter of Base - 4.8cm / 2"

Length of Stem - 9cm/ 3.5"

These are all approximate measurements as every single one is handmade.

Expected to ship late September.
  • History of the Darning Mushroom

    This darning tool was an essential item in 19th and early 20th century household as self-reliant women often had to make and repair all their clothing. 

    They were commonly made using wood as it was widely availiable and not too expensive, but following the invention of early plastic many were made using Bakelite.

    Darning mushrooms made it much easier to stitch a repair: not too tight and not too slack. The top part of the mushroom was placed behind the hole to hold the darning area taut for working. Its 'stalk' with the rest of the fabric around it, was held in one hand and the darning needle was worked with the other hand. 

    There are various types besides the basic darning mushroom; a darning egg (for socks and tights), and a darning stick (for gloves). 

    Some are made with detachable handles so you can store a few needles and a small amount of thread which is easily to hand in an emergency!  

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