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The Mending Macaron Gift Set

The Mending Macaron Gift Set


Here at MM, our Mending Macarons have become incredibly popular gifts - and we’re not surprised, these hand-crafted darning disks are such useful repair tools.


To make gifting these beautiful tools even more special, we’ve put together this Mending Macaron Gift Set.


Packed inside a Ministry of Mending gift box full of eco zig-zag shred, you’ll find a MINI Mending Macaron, a selection of cotton threads & yarns of your choice and a stunning set of high-quality needles made by Bohin, an artisan needle manufacturer based in France.


The whole box is tied off with a stunning wool selvedge ribbon, making it a perfect gift or simply use this sturdy box to safely store all your mending bits 'n bobs when not in use.


Our Mending Macaron tool* is just like a standard darning mushroom, but the absence of a stem allows you to mend hard-to-reach areas such as: pockets, sleeves, socks, cuffs, narrow trouser legs including skinny jeans & leggings and smaller areas on kids clothing.


It also gives you the option to stitch hands-free - rest it on the table or your lap and give your arms a break whilst you mend.


Every single Mending Macaron is hand-turned here in Cornwall (U.K) using FSC certified oak and comes complete with one of our custom-made stainless steel springs.


The MINI size is perfect for repairing small holes (up to 60mm/2 1/2" in diameter) and fixing issues in hard-to-reach areas such as: pockets, sleeves, socks and cuffs.


Kit Contents:


Gift Box size: 24.5cm x 18cm x 6.5cm


Thread & Yarn Options:

Please choose from one of the following:


Neutrals Set:

  • Cotton Threads - Daisy, Navy and Black
  • Merino Yarns - Jet, Metro and Marshmallow


Jewels Set

  • Cotton Threads - Berry, Pollen and Hunter Green
  • Merino Yarns - Cadbury's Purple, Metro and Marshmallow


* Nut Allergy Disclaimer

Please be aware this product has been treated with a nut oil finish. If for any reason you require a disk without an oil finish then please email me and I can easily sort this for you.

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