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Safety Pins - 'OLIVE' design (x15)

Safety Pins - 'OLIVE' design (x15)


A mini set of 15 OLIVE design safety pins packaged in a beautiful glass bottle with cork stopper for easy storage.


These iconic BOHIN pins were invented by founder Benjamin BOHIN in 1890, thanks to a unique machine based on the model of a music box.


Classic style safety pins have a coil at one end which can cause damage as stitches can get caught up inside the coil; this 'Olive' ball style prevents this from happening.


The mini 'Olive' shaped ball is made of nickel-plated brass, making it more resistant to opening and closing, as well as more durable.


Still produced on the original machines still in operation at the BOHIN factory in Normany, France.


You will receive 15 safety pins.


Size Options:

- Small

30mm (length) x 0.80mm (wire diameter).

- Large

36mm (length) x 0.90mm (wire diameter).


Suitable for:

  • patching, hemming or mending a seam.
  • marking the position of multiple holes on one garment.
  • temporarily holding loose knit stitches until you're ready to repair them.
  • About Bohin

    Made in France by Bohin
    BOHIN have been manufacturing high quality pins and needles at their factory in Normandy, France since 1860 and now remain the only French manufacturer of needles and many other sewing & craft tools.


    The company currently employs 36 people who manufacture and distribute nearly 2,300 products including their world famous sewing needles, craft needles, pins with Murano glass heads, and bracelet pin cushions.


    In 2014 BOHIN opened their production workshops to the general public and have welcomed over 80,000 visitors so far! They are committed to reducing their waste and environmental impact. 

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