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Premium Oak Disk for 10 & 14-Hook Loom (no loom included)

Premium Oak Disk for 10 & 14-Hook Loom (no loom included)


A beautiful hand-turned oak disk crafted here in Cornwall (U.K) using FSC certified oak.


This disk fits our 10 & 14-hook replica darning looms as well as the original vintage Speedweve models so, if you're looking for a replacement disk or would like to upgrade to a premium version then this is the disk for you.


Every one is unique with different grain patterns and features a slightly deeper and wider groove to accomodate a little more fabric which is useful when repairing thicker denim and chunky knitwear. 


The disk has a slightly domed shape on one side and flat surface on the other side. The dome-shape is ideal for darning heels, elbows and knees where the fabric of the garment is shaped, and the rest of the time just flip it over and use the flat side of the disk.


Each disk has a nice organic smooth surface, rounded edges and a natural matte oil finish.*



 - 70mm in diameter (approx)

 - 20mm in height (approx)


* Nut Allergy Disclaimer

Please be aware this product has been treated with a nut oil. If for any reason you require an untreated disk, please email me and I can easily sort this for you. 


NOTE: Please be advised this does not come supplied with the metal loom part.

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