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Preloved Wooden Darning Egg

Preloved Wooden Darning Egg


Pick up one of these preloved wooden darning eggs, because secondhand is better than buying new in so many ways!


Suitable for:

  • darning socks, gloves or similar items.
  • mending small holes, mini tears, thread bare areas and disguising a stain!


All of them are one-of-a-kind sourced from vintage markets and charity shops.


Each egg has a bit of 'character' - the odd surface scratch or mark from it's previous life, but all still in usable conditon with stunning wood grain patterns. 


5 eggs available (please choose using the drop down box).

  • A - Elm
  • B - Elm
  • C - Mahogany
  • D - Oak
  • E - Mahogany


Each egg (except B) is finished with wax and then a polish to create a smooth, even surface. Egg 'B' has more of a smooth, natural finish.

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