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Ballpoint Needle for Thicker Knits

Ballpoint Needle for Thicker Knits

PriceFrom £3,25

These ballpoint needles are a heavier gauge which makes them ideal for use on chunkier knitwear, however please be aware the eye of this needle is still relatively fine, so anything like a sport-weight yarn and above would not comfortably fit through the eye


Ballpoint needles are simply awesome when it comes to repairing knitted fabrics - they feature a special mini ball tip that helps you darn knitwear with minimal effort.


The rounded point helps you easily locate the spaces between individual knit stitches. In contrast using a sharp needle can easily damage your knitwear further by catching and splitting the yarn leading to pulled stitches.


Choose from:

  • 68mm/2.67" x 1.00mm (diameter)
  • 74mm/2.91" (length) x 1.20mm (diameter)
  • 78mm/3.07" x 1.40mm (diameter)
  • 90mm/3.54" x 1.60mm (diameter)
  • 100mm/4" x 1.30mm (diameter)

Indivdual needles are supplied in a compostable glassine bag sealed with a paper sticker.


Suitable for:

  • darning, general repairs or embroidery on knitted fabrics.
  • use with fine yarn such as 2-ply & 4-ply.


Optional Extra: If you'd like these needles to be sent to you packaged in a beautiful glass tube with authentic cork stopper, simply add a glass test tube to your basket using the drop down menu provided. It is great way to safely store them all together and protect them from getting lost or damaged.


*Please be aware the ballpoint needles are not suitable for use on woven fabrics e.g. cotton, denim, linen etc.

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