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British Wooden Embroidery Hoop

British Wooden Embroidery Hoop

PriceFrom £3,65

A beautiful wooden embroidery hoop with quality brass screw.


Perfect for holding fabric under some tension whilst darning or patching over holes and threadbare areas.


Using an embroidery hoop is a light-weight alternative to using a darning mushroom or disk.


It holds the fabric taut at all times and gives you the flexibility to adjust the tension with a simple twist of the screw.


To use:

  • Twist the metal screw at the top to loosen the inner hoop from the outer hoop.
  • Place the inner hoop on the table and lay the fabric over the top. Try to align the hole with the centre of the hoop.
  • Next, pop the outer hoop over the top of the fabric and inner hoop. Tighten the screw until the inner hoop and fabric are secure.
  • If the fabric looks a little too loose or overstretched, then adjust the tension using the screw. You may also need to pull on the fabric to make it tighter. 

Note: For use with stretch fabrics stabilise the fabric first using Steam-2-Seam or something similar.


Made in the U.K by Elbesee.

Each hoop is carefully crafted from close-grain beech wood and finished with a little wax polish. 


This hoop is plastic free and supplied without any additional packaging, however when I purchase these in bulk (pack of 5) they are delivered to me wrapped in a small amount of shrink wrap that I sadly have to dispose of.


Two sizes are available:

  • 4" / 10 cm
  • 6" / 15 cm

For best results and ease of use choose a hoop that is larger than the hole you're planning to repair. 

  • About Elbesee Products

    Made in Gloucestershire, U.K. by Elbesee 

    Elbesee Products is a family run business which has been manufacturing in wood and engineering plastics for over 65 years. 

    They manufacture and supply crafters with high quality embroidery hoops, tapestry frames and other related products.

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